About us

After more than 30 years as an engineer, plant manager and project manager at one of the leading sodium cyanide producers, I became self-employed in 2020 by founding CTC GmbH.

During this time I have gained extensive experience in operational management, plant planning and further development of the production process for sodium cyanide. As an inventor and co-inventor, I have registered several patents.Through my work as a project manager, I was responsible for planning and commissioning NaCN plants in Russia and Mexico, as well as developing and commissioning NaCN handling systems in England, Canada, Turkey and Russia.

In the meantime, the CTC team has grown and we now also offer advice on the technology and production of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) using the Andrussow process.The focus of the advice is always the customer and his needs. Our work focuses on safe plant operation, taking into account all applicable laws and guidelines, as well as cost and quality optimization of production.

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